Pip Ahoy! Sunflower Sadie Competition

£250 for a School / £50 for an Individual Winner Friday 8th September

Are you ready, set to grow a giant Sunflower Sadie this year? Spring is here and our Pip Ahoy! Sunflower Competition is back, so let’s get your Pipsqueaks outside and enjoying the garden!

Our Sunflower Sadie competition in association with Thompson & Morgan is simple, all you have to do is grow the tallest Sunflower Sadie and send us some pictures of your progress! How tall can you grow you

Ready, Set, Grow! 

Join in the growing fun with your Pipsqueaks and Sunflower Sadie! There are a number of ways your can get involved:

We will choose a winner each month from your Sunflower Sadie’s progress pictures, so keep a look out!
Once Sunflower Sadie is fully grown the tallest Sunflower Sadie entered will be our overall winner!

To make sure you have lots of fun growing your Sunflower Sadie, check out our Sunflower Sadie activity sheets in our download section!